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03-01-2011, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by STUTOMMIES View Post
Snipeshow, just ignore the chick. She adds nothing, never has. With comments like the ones above you know for sure it is a Squirrel. Just ignore it.
Yes. This girl knows of what she speaks, so you had better ignore me.
I do feel sorry for Mike. Small market team, beginning coach. Not many players bring to the pro game what he did; work hard every day and assume nothing. I think the issue would be that he came into the coaching scene with no support as AD or nurturing for his coaching growth. He lived and died every game and every player. As the only varsity coach at the school who played a sport at a high level he would get little support. I think Jen had a good handle on the scene at STU and might have saved his situation. For his sake I hope he makes a good AD and learns that role. I think we need to fully support him. I hope they find a coach who has a strong reputation as a coach. Coolen might have that, but outside him, I think we need to leave the city to look.

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