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10-11-2003, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Koltsov
Oh C'mon, he's playing isn't he?, therefore he's fair game, "oh no, there's that guy with the ****ed up face, I won't hit him or stick up for my teammate because of it" This isn't pee wee hockey here, this is the NHL, if you wanna go cry and not get hit, you shouldn't be playing. Why isn't Isbister wearing a full face shield if his face is so badly injured? And you're making the assumption that Jovo went after Isbister because he knew Isbister face was injured? Couldn't it be that Jovo was sticking up for his teammate, a well respected teammate in the lockerroom, and didn't really care which Oiler it was?
I wasn't faulting Jovo, I understand where he's coming from. All I'm saying if from an Oiler perspective, Jovo should be punished. Laraque should go after him next game for that.

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