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03-01-2011, 07:59 PM
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Datsyuk might be the flashiest guy in the league and is incredible to watch. When he has the puck I'm almost hoping guys like Cleary and Hudler stay out of the way. Excitement-wise, he's up there for sure. Sometimes I wish I could have seen the greats like Gretzky, Lemieux and Orr though. I would think guys that have seem them would be more partial to them (although I don't think Gretz was as flashy as the other two, the knowledge that the best player ever is on the ice must get your heart racing).

The only guy in the league today that compares right now, IMO, is Ovy. That's mainly because he can go around you, like Datsyuk, but also through you. I'm partial to superstar power forwards like this. Guys like Lindros and Forsberg (although I remember him as more of a playmaker, he hit the crap out of players too). Also a huge Iginla fan.

Bure and Fedorov will always be in the discussion though. Same with Stevie Y. Despite how he was more of a two way player by the time I understood the game more, he still managed some awesome stuff.

Some guys could be great players but not flashy, and still get you excited because you know they're on the ice and that means something can happen.

Crosby, as much as I dislike him, might be the best player in the world. However, on the ice he isn't flashy. He just gets things done. Not exciting, but you always keep an eye out for him, you know?

r0bert8841 also mentioned Hasek. Hasek was just awesome too. Most goalies have a textbook style so the flashiest thing you'll see is giving some flair to a glove save. Hasek will just stop the puck by any means necessary, including flopping around.

...That was a lot longer than I expected it to be. Oh well, too many memories to make it short I guess.

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