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07-25-2005, 02:29 PM
Rowley Birkin
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Originally Posted by lecherous
Lang's too old and too expensive. We're having a youth movement and I don't see any point in trading for older players...maybe signing them as FA's, but it's hard to give up younger guys for older guys in a trade.
Youth is over rated somewhat. Sure, its great to have a young squad especially with the new CBA, but you need a couple of older guys in the mix as well. And Lang is hardly past it, look at the numbers he put up in the last season. And looking at those numbers, and what else he brings to the table, then $3.5-4m for Lang is better value than paying $3m for Drury, imo. He is big, holds the puck up well, has quite good vision and passing, a good shot, and has great hands for a big guy. He can put up 70+ points fairly easily. He would look great centering Miro, and Vanek if he's ready. Theres a ****load of offensive potential in that line.

I forgot about Kotalik in my last post, doh. As much as I like Roy, if we package him with Drury it might be all we need to land a top center like Richards or Lecavalier. Richards would be perfect for Satan and Vanek because he'd just keep feeding them with passes and letting them do what they do best, score goals. I think it'd rejuvenate Miro's career so to speak, and start Vanek's off in the right direction. TB has a surprising lack of depth at Center past Lecavalier and Richards, with almost no prospects whatsoever to speak of - so I think we might be able interest them in a Drury + Roy + Thorburn for Richards + Lukowich deal.
I agree with you. Richards centering Miro and possibly Vanek would just be awesome. But i would be gobsmacked if TB traded him. I actually see him as the least likely of the 'big three' there to be moved. The guy is young {24?} and is already a Conn Smythe winner. He was awesome for them in the playoffs, as well as regualr season. I think i remember hearing some stat, that whenever Richards scored a goal for them, they never lost the match. He is, i have no doubt, one of the top 5 most valuable players in the league right now.

There is no way the Sabres will have a sniff of getting Iginla or Havlat either. And i would give my left ball to get the latter. Forget getting anyone like this in Buffalo.

And from my POV at least, i would not want the Sabres to make a move for Bertuzzi. Too many question marks right now, and the Canuck fans know this. He's a great player though.

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