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03-01-2011, 11:21 PM
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Hey guys I have a few questions.

Andrea Bargnani - How good is this guy? Is the reason he has such a high PPG average because he's the only legitimate option or is this guy becoming an elite player? I no scoring isn't everything and probably why a guy like Monta Ellis isn't categorized with all the high scorers around him but how good is this guy? Can Bargnani be a legit 1st or 2nd option? Is Dirk wayyyy better? Can he ever be as good?

Bayless - Can he be our future starting point guard? Again i'm not that educated on basketball but logic would dictate if Bayless can put up 8.8 PPG in 20 minutes a game he could probably be a 13-14 PPG player when he's matured and getting starting minutes?

Demar Derozan - Does anyone think this guy can be a part of a future big 3?

Our pick - Who could we possibly target in the 4-7 range where our pick will likely land? Any impact players? What position would be looking to upgrade with that number 1 pick?

Our future - how is our rebuild going, and how long is it before we are likely to get back to the playoffs?

If someone could answer these question that would be helpful

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