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Originally Posted by Bozak View Post
Hey guys I have a few questions.
Bargnani is good. He's a terrific scorer. Not as prolific in other areas of his game though, he has average man to man defense, but can be out muscled by bigger players, he's BRUTAL in help defense. His ideal position would be the 6th man on a championship team. He would absolutely flourish in that role. I just don't think he's tough enough, or an elite enough of a scorer to be a 1st/2nd option. And if he's not that, he should be coming off the bench, because you don't need a 3rd option 7 footer playing on the perimeter, you need those guys in the paint.

Bayless in my opinion projects to be like a barbosa, awesome penetrator, and scorer, but lacks vision. Again, an awesome 6th man.

Derozan is an enigma. Sometimes he looks like a complete stud, on his way to being an elite guard. Sometimes he looks weak. Too early to tell, but he's got the tools.

our pick, I just hope we luck out and get #1 so we can draft Kyrie Irving; elite PG. Some say he's like CP3. Other than that, I'm only high on terrance jones or perry jones, both good small forwards. But tough to say if they will be elite players.

aside from all that, Davis is probably one of my favourite raps. He's got a good nose for rebounds, and looks like he can be a solid 13-15/10 guy.

We have some nice prospects, but no clear cut elite ballers. Until we get a legit superstar I just don't see how we can compete unless BC puts together a DEEP team of really good prospects like davis/DD/etc.

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