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03-02-2011, 05:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Bigchiefwantdacup View Post
Well, after getting swept by St Clown last weekend, the Badgers are pretty much in a must-win situation this weekend against Colorado College.
As it stands right now, they pretty much need at least 1 win in order to make the playoffs. A win-win or a win-tie should get them in, anything less than that and they are going to need some help from their rivals.
Im considering going to the game on Saturday. Im thinking I might make it a day of hockey with the Wisconsin hockey expo going on in Madison this weekend.
Public skate Saturday afternoon, then the hockey expo then the Badger game. My girlfriend will be out of town this weekend, so it sets me up for a nice weekend of giving in to my hockey obsession.
Back from Ohio and watching lousy CCHA hockey (Buckeyes and Ferris State). Michigan and Miami must be bored playing in that conference, I tell ya.

Yeah, lookin' bad for a playoff spot right now. A sweep against CC and a trip to the Broadmoor finals, not tp mention some slips from teams above them is a must. Being a one-line team has caught up with them. Regardless, I wasn't expecting them to roll over for St. Cloud like that. You can't spell "sucks" without S C S U

It's been a bad skid in February so hopefully they can get some momentum going at the 11th hour.

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