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Originally Posted by StaalForOne View Post
I am going down for the March 12th weekend when the Pens play Mon and Edm. I would like to go to both games if I can find reasonable tickets (need 4) . If I only go to one it will be Mon, then I will probably try to scalp for sunday, and just go to the bar if nothing is cheap.

-Does anyone have 4 tickets available for either game?
-How cheap are scalped tickets? or are they hard to come by?
-How does Student Rush work?
-What can i expect to pay for tickets?
Your best bet is to look at Pens Ticket Exchange. The closer you get to game time, the more likely you'll find a pair pretty cheap.

The way Ticket Exchange works, I list my seats at price $X (say $50).
I get 90% of that, $45 per. Ticketmaster keeps 10%.
You see them listed at $57.50 (15% markup on the listed price), TM keeps that.

Still, I've seen plenty of seats go in that $55-60 range, that are face value $40.

The latest you can buy from TM is 2 hours before faceoff, so if you are on about 4 hours prior, many people will lower their demands to make sure they move.

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