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Originally Posted by Bozak View Post
Hey guys I have a few questions.

Andrea Bargnani - How good is this guy? Is the reason he has such a high PPG average because he's the only legitimate option or is this guy becoming an elite player? I no scoring isn't everything and probably why a guy like Monta Ellis isn't categorized with all the high scorers around him but how good is this guy? Can Bargnani be a legit 1st or 2nd option? Is Dirk wayyyy better? Can he ever be as good?

Bayless - Can he be our future starting point guard? Again i'm not that educated on basketball but logic would dictate if Bayless can put up 8.8 PPG in 20 minutes a game he could probably be a 13-14 PPG player when he's matured and getting starting minutes?

Demar Derozan - Does anyone think this guy can be a part of a future big 3?

Our pick - Who could we possibly target in the 4-7 range where our pick will likely land? Any impact players? What position would be looking to upgrade with that number 1 pick?

Our future - how is our rebuild going, and how long is it before we are likely to get back to the playoffs?

If someone could answer these question that would be helpful
Bargs has an elite and rare offensive skill set for his size . For us to max his value he needs to play with certain types of players . He could be a co-num 1 or 2nd option on a good team with the right people around him . The right players and a real coach would do wonders for his game and this team .

Bayliss is pretty much an undersized 2 guard trying to learn the point . He has skills and is a good athlete but i don't know if he can ever run an offense good enough to be a starting pg .

DD is a huge ? for me . He has some skills and looks great at times but seems to really struggle when D's start to focus on him . He's improved from his 1st year which is great but i don't see him having star potential . He also needs to develop other parts of his game .

This draft is weak but there are solid players . Irving is the prize but we will get a solid player at the 4-7 position . I like Barnes , even though he hasn't had the year people thought he would .

As far as our re-build goes , who knows ? One player can turn a team around in the NBA .

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