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03-02-2011, 12:30 PM
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classic 3vs 1 we teach is the attack triangle. puck carrier(BALL) drives to his side of the net, opposite winger goes to the open side and sets himself for a tap in(he should arrive a little sooner as he isnt carrying the puck, if not hes looking for the rebound) and the third guy, Centre hopefully, stays high open for a pass but also aware of a quick turnover....

The most important thing i stress is the winger without the puck needs to get his butt to the net as FAST as possible. When there he can decide if he wants to plant for a shot, screen or dig for the rebound. 3 good options. Wingers who dont carry the puck well can still score a tonne of goals!!

two on one is the same but without the centre.

On a side note, the sedins do none of these! they give, cross and go as soon as they hit the line. But you need to be twins for this!! lol

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