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03-02-2011, 12:39 PM
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Depends on the rink. In Dallas, I changed in the room with the rest of my team (though I would either face the wall to change my bra or do it in a bathroom stall). In Missouri, the girls have their own locker room.

I haaaaate having a girls-only locker room. For one, it's tiny and there's not enough room for the 8-10 of us who can be stuffed in there at the same time (we're in the refs room, which is pretty typical for a girls locker room, and they say we can't have our own large locker room because they have too many "teams" to rotate through them on a game night). Second, it's impossible to kvetch or celebrate the game because you're in there with the team you just played. Third, you never learn your teammates' names because you never see them out of uniform or just chat.

Intra-team gossip can be fun, especially if you're pissed at ThatGuy on your own team. But on the whole, I'd much rather have co-ed locker rooms. We're all adults here.

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