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03-02-2011, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by The Goalie Mask View Post
GOOD POST!...Now we are talking!

The 7 cores needed is bang on!...

I agree with your current cores & that Eller will not be a top line center.

So we need a top line center, top d and top utility player to soldify our core. Once that is in place we can surround our cores with supporting players-stanley cup vets, role players and so on...

That means that we can't get lost on our primary goal - to get our missing cores which means that any player that is not identified as a core needs to be available to get a core player.

This can be done through moving up or down in the draft to get our target cores and by scouting other teams prospects for core targets as well. Of course we will have to pay but only our non cores would be available for trade. Management isn't operating this way and that is why we have a middle of the pack team.

If Management had a properly deffined core player needs and if they had more aggresive trading skills to get the right core young players in the draft and thru trades, our team would moving to a top tier much quicker.

Instead Management does nothing at trade deadline that improves the teams in the long term. Good possible cores got traded at the trade deadline. Johnson & Stewart to name a few.
based on what ???

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