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03-02-2011, 01:45 PM
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Time to beat my dead horse again on this topic, The support (read Money and Resources) will be the ultimate factor; The coach's ability to draw it and persuade administration for more will be the deciding factor.There have been plenty of guys without the persona of Coolen, Steinburg, MacDougall, or Burns that have experienced recruiting success, because of their ability to persuade people to open their pockets, either theirs alone or theirs to convince someone else to do it for them. It is a real talent, some have it, some very successful people nevertheless, do not. We had a very very colorful coach at St Mary's before, full of talent, full of vigor, full of technical saavy, but he had the hardest time doing that. BTW an ex NHL'er too. I have no doubt Eagles found(finds?) that difficult judging by the descriptions of his character. In fact I wish I could talk. Personally, I think Darrel Young and Norm McCauley were the best recruiters, for the reasons AUS Fan has mentioned. Norm could not ask for more, refused to, he consistently picked up other team's cast offs and went after Junior B and Junior A guys. We had 2 major junior recruits in his four years. ( Granted this was long before the Q's presence in Atlantic Canada too ) We missed the playoffs 2 years in a row, then finished solidly in third behind Dal and Acadia over the next two. Young, at Dal could work wonders with his players, they were much better having gone there, guys lijke Marc Warner, Keifer House. Still, I agree with STU Thommie, you try to stay positive and encouraging, it is difficult to remain so after seven years. Most have another trait that compels them out after four when the going was rough, makes it easier on all of us.

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