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Originally Posted by peter and wendy View Post
No one's ever gonna blame the kids, because no one's ever allowed to.
We've been murdering Gilroy and MDZ all season and where the were you all season especially the last few weeks for AA? Problem is when the people wh0 don;t know what they're talking about start talkign about the rooks as if they're vets and a re making horrific generalizations like that MZA not scoring last night shows he's just not a champion. Wth is that garbage? That's where it goes from reasonable to unwarranted and foolish. Some are insinuating b/c we aren't winning THIS year when they are rookies that they will all fail in the future. really? Did Crosby win as a rookie? How many years were Toews and kane in before they won (with Byuf, Seabrook, Keith, etc)

Originally Posted by Ola View Post
And that is 100% John Tortorella's fault. It is not the kids fault.

Young teams play well often, not always, but often -- but when the game is to be decided, they usually do not have it. Kids in the NHL aren't 1like 16 y/o in Juniors who are clueless where to be on the ice and what to do. Guys like Sauer, McD, MDZ, Stepan and co are not clueless. Listening to the Torts-backers it sounds like a miricle that this young team is just able to find their way to the ice et c, thats just 100% BS IMO....
Nowhere did I see anyone even remotely imply this. All i saw was people say the rook's and young guys are failing to find the back of the net but that this makes sense because they are rooks and young guys and it's ridiculous to blame torts because rooks are finally struggling... Thats vastly different from what you claim to have read.

Also Torts HAS messed up at times but like with janerix pointing out mishandling Eminger well really who gives a crap? Mishandling Eminger is mishandling, it is a mistake but really is it big enough to complain this much about? Problem is you people clearly want to look smart and place blame and identify the team's problems and solutions b/c you're impatient. But the problem is not a quick fix. it's not a coaching change, it's being young and inexperienced.
2 years from now if we can't play for that 4 seed at LEAST Torts should go.

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