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07-25-2005, 07:21 PM
Rowley Birkin
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Originally Posted by Jame
Lang has put up more than 50 pts 4 times in his career. and in all four years Jagr was on his wing. 70 pts? fairly easy? i dont think so. I thought Doug Gilmour would put up 70 pts in A Sabres jersey once too. Trading Drury for Lang is borderline retarted
Lang has put up 50+ points in the last six NHL seasons, and 65+ in five of those. When he was in Pittsburgh he played with Kovalev and Straka, and when he was in Washington, he played with an often unmotivated and below par Jagr and nobody else of real quality. Hell, he played some of his best hockey after the Caps traded Jagr last season.

He is not a player who benefits solely from having good players around him. In fact, that is a tag that i would give to Drury.

You may think its ********, but i see it as getting bigger down the middle, and trading for a bigger offensive threat as well. And not for too much more money.

Gilmour has nothing to do with this. Why do some people hark back to the past all the time?

Ottawa is an intereseting situation though. at 24, Havlat is a proven young guy, unlike Buffalo's largely unproven group of youngsters. I'd have no problem watching Golly open up the wallet, sacrfice a few firsts, and go out a get a Havlat, or a Hossa, or a Lecavlier.
Come on man, be serious for a minute! If the Sabres somehow got Hossa, then i would leave the UK tomorrow and move to Buffalo. I promise you. I imagine that incriminating pictures involving Muckler, sexual acts and goats would be needed.

Havlat is the only one of those mentioned that could possibly be traded for, but even then, i dont like our chances of getting him. At all.

what i dont want to see is the past their prime vets, milking poor Buffalo with their names. Lang's and Nolan's and Selanne's and on and on. their's no help there. We have vets, good ones, like Drury.
I agree with that. But Lang is not past it. He is coming off an 80 point season for christs sake! Well, kinda coming off if we forget about the lockout, you know what i mean.

And IMO Drury is not a vet, and the whole leadership angle often used with him is wildly over rated if you ask me.

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