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Originally Posted by deriik2020 View Post

Oh no i copied one sentence because it fit! Lol ramblings my god you actually read that as ramblings ? Again comprehension fail by you. I'm saying this is a rookie team these are growing pains and since the rooks have overachieved coaching deserves the nod for that. Unfortunately as I bolded injuries and vet failings have killed this team. Are you really too dense to realize that? Hmm lesse I make a list featuring Fed along with prospal, EC, Drury, Roszi, Gabs, and I forget if I included him but Frolov too and you focus on Feds and EC on that list? Do you reaaaally not realize this team is struggling b/c of Drury's utter wasted season combined with gabs missed games/struggles and Roszi's missed games combined with the failings and missed games of those other vets...Again you seem to be unable to comprehend meaning and I'm sorry man but I can't be literal and hold your hand. It's not that hard to figure out.

We're loaded with rooks and soph's. They have almost to a tee overperformed. A team that should have been bottom 3 in the league has been a 7th all year. You consider this a failure...Yes applauding rookies and soph';s for winning all season without much vet help is drinking Kool aid... Do me a favor go read the poll I posted. Nobody thinks our young guys have underperformed. All I'm saying is that they have overperformed. I did not say we are winning the cup but I said it's reasonable to believe there will be improvement. Learn to read please. Eminger has been passed around the league for a reason. On the same token the few games Eminger was scratched for did not have much of an impact overall on the season and you are embarassing yourself with this arguement. torts is bad b/c he mishandled Eminger!!! What a joke.
"Again comprehension fail by you" How about typing a proper sentence in english when talking about comprehension failure. Too dense, no i just think you are a moron. Bottom 3 in the league? With Lundqvist as the goalie? Do you even WATCH GAMES? This team is much better than the Islanders, Senators, Panthers, Devils, Thrashers, Leafs, Canes, and Sabres and should be in the playoff picture because this team is deeper than any of those teams listed and has better goaltending then each of them, except maybe the Sabres. And that is just our conference.

I could care less about your poll about how our young guys have under-performed.
Where has Dubinsky been the last 8 games? Taking dumb penalties and failing to score
Zucc? If it isn't a shootout haven't noticed him except making mistakes until yesterday
Anisimov - Invisible until yesterday
Gilroy - HAHAHA, not an NHL d-man
Del Zotto - Belongs in the minors
Girardi - huge fan, but its clear Staal carries him

So Stepan, Sauer, and McDonagh the only players along with Staal and Callahan (4th vets at this point) would be young players who have performed at where they should or better thus far this season.

Torts has done an awful job 4-9-1 since January 25, but you say awesome job because he is playing kids and we come out flat to start every game failing to show up until the 3rd period? I am done debating with someone as dumb as you because this team could just as easily be in 5th place if we actually had a coach who properly motivated this team to show up in the 1st period and made any type of in game adjustments. 8 of those 10 losses by 1 goal... better first period, if torts cuts down on mistakes, gets them to stop making dumb penalties, bad turnovers, we win some of those games, it is really that simple.

The only one who is embarrassing himself is you, i posted a thread days ago Eminger or Gilroy, and Eminger was clearly the winner. My argument, if you knew how to READ, was not the mishandling of Eminger, but that Torts is forcing kids into our lineup like Gilroy and MDZ when they have no business there, they are not NHL caliber defensemen. How he can't see it is beyond me, but apparently he is not alone cause you are right alongside him drinking the kool-aid. Your argument about players being passed over means nothing, so Eminger never fit well anywhere before, he found a home here and deserves to be playing. Sometimes players take time to develop, look at Brian Boyle, we all wrote him off as a bust, he proved us wrong this season. Your logic is asinine just like your posts, I am done with you.

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