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03-02-2011, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Puck U View Post
You go with the hot hand ... which is ME so ... although it's a loss, it's only the 2nd regulation loss in SIXTEEN GAMES !!! ... it's friggin unreal that the Kings can go on an 11-1-3 run and move up to 5th place, and then lose ONE stupid game and almost be in 9th again, that's so friggin crazy.

Anyways, I'll do the GDT unless someone else wants it ... considering the computer I had all my templates on crashed and I had to do the last two from scratch took a bit longer, I wouldn't complain if someone wanted to take over until I can either get that computer working again, or pull the hard drive and stick it into my back-up computer that I'm using. but I'll work on the Phoenix GDT still today.
If it makes you feel any better that was my first game of the year aswell....on top of that the seats my buddy got from his work were 2 rows behind the Kings bench....though I discovered they may be the worse seats in the place.

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