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03-02-2011, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by MrKurri'soupkitchen View Post
I heard this earlier this week and this is total horse *****. The Greg Brady show brings on Kirke all the time and his segments are all similar to this one: sensational, exaggerated and narcissistic recounts of his legacy as furthering the salary structure of the PA. With TSN's new sports radio station about to launch, these hacks are simply trying to build an audience on a story that the Flyers or any other team wouldn't even bother to comment on.
The Fan is just brutal right now. They brought Andrew Krystal back in the 1 pm slot this week and someone on the Leafs' forum said he and some of his friends were going to call in today and rip him. I saw this after the fact but heard one guy flipping out on him. I can't listen to him at all, he has no knowledge of hockey and just tries to shock people.

I like Brady in the morning slot with Jim Lang, I believe it is, but McCown's show needs to be back in the 4-7 slot instead of 3-6. He's really been getting on my nerves as well, always ripping Brunt like he used to do to Jim Kelley. He doesn't do that with Damien Cox too much because Cox doesn't allow him to.

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