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03-03-2011, 03:18 AM
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I dont think that Winterthur will play NLB hockey in the near future. They became "Amateur-Champion" last winter but couldnt make the step into the NLB because of financial issues. they've lost a few key players bc of retirement as well this year. remember almost nobody play professional hockey here, and when u become a dad (for instance) u just have other priorities.
Competition is tough here aswell, who's gonna go watch a NLB or 1. Liga game when he could also watch NLA in Zurich (twice), Rapperswil or Zug (both less than an hour drive as well) so i dont think that'll change soon. The Development Center is still nice tough, as it will give a few synergies for training etc.

The only way i could see them playing in the NLB is to host a lot more concerts at the Deutweg than now, and give all that income to the hockey club (which is not the owner of the arena). I think we residents wouldnt mind

and bc im already predicting:
HCD vs SCB in the final, HCD in 7.

Biel vs Lausanne, and we get a second team from the romandie next year in the A.

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