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Originally Posted by Pog Form View Post
I played one summer in a friendly co-ed league. Each game had three change rooms. One for the guys on Team 1, one for the guys on Team 2, and a third for the girls on both teams to share. Seems like a great set-up if it's possible (friendly environment, extra room, few enough girls that they can all fit, etc.).
that's not a great set-up at all. a good chunk of the fun of hockey is the atmosphere in the locker room. I've been dressing with the guys from the beginning (despite my username yes, I am female) and I wouldn't want it any other way. we're all adults so what's the problem? I'm not looking at them and don't get nekkid so I don't care if they're looking at me.
we have a new rink in town and the kids travel team has an NHL style locker room that the owner told the women they could use as a "female locker room". I tried it once or twice and hated it. ultimately I missed the "guy talk" in the locker room and trust me, my guys don't water it down at ALL!
unlike one or two girls in the league I do draw the line at the showers though. mostly because they're gross but still.....

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