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03-03-2011, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Pouliot does NOT have great vision.

Furthermore, he is not agile enough to turn on a dime like a center must.

It is the SAME reason that John Leclair was converted to a winger after growing up as "a big center".

Pouliot is NOT a "natural" center. Neither was Markov, though he played C as a kid.

It is no shame for a player to change positions at the highest level to take advantage of his strenths, which as you said are size and shot, in other words WINGER strengths.
Being agile and turning on a dime is a nice trait for a center but is not the only trait that makes a center succesfull. Larger centers don't always need to depend on that trait because of their size which Poulliot has. Not only does he have size and a good shot but he is very good at distributing passes and setting up his lines mates. In the past while playing center he was also able to make the players around him better.

I think management put him on the wing not because he can't play center but more bc they were desperate to have big wingers on the team to play with our small centers and cami & gionta....Which I think it is a little backwards way of trading. If you want a big skilled winger trade for one don't always try to convert players. They did the same thing with Eller. They immediately put him on the wing bc they were again so desperately to have a big winger to play on our top is learning the long and hard way that is success will come by letting him play centre with talented wingers...

I think Eller & Ak....could be a very successful line

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