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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I've read in two different books now, about the time Bobby Orr told a Capitals defenseman where to line up, AFTER that defenseman's centerman had already told him to lineup somewhere else - and the kid listened to Bobby. It wouldn't be hard to find it again.

is that worth posting, or is that common knowledge by now?

(on another note, I'd like to get Orr someday. I said I'd find it uninteresting to do bios on a player that good and well-known, but I was mistaken. When looking up Bucyk quotes, I'm seeing great stuff on Orr, stuff that should be posted. An Orr bio would be a great experience in that I could ignore 90% of the basic crap that I find, and just post the GOLD)
I'm all for you getting the first selection next draft! He played so few years in the NHL, compared to the other All-Time great, that you could do an detail year-by-year analysm on him. It would be extremely interesting.

And I would like to read that quote you're talking about. I'm pretty sure it's not the first time I read this, but I don't think I actually read the quote. (And I would of listen to Orr too!)

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