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10-11-2003, 09:37 PM
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Well we have one more game of insight to determine our needs one strong showing and one poor showing. It looked like York got mauled to me by larger Vancouver players(maybe he just had a bad night) and could use a better puck moving d-man and powerplay guy(Our powerplay clicked last time just off this game?).Well since were all a little better versed changes or comments u would like to make?

To Edm:
Arkhipov (big center, two-way forward,close to breaking out, and can play all three forward positions for future balance)
Zidlicky (offensive d-man not sure how good he will be but is playing for Nashville right now has a lot of international experience not much NHL experience)

To Nsh:
3rd pick 2004

Arkhipov+Zidlicky=1 million+0.5million=1.5million
More time is always better to make decisions on but we usually make it into the playoffs with less than 4 points to spare if its the difference between winning and losing I hope Lowe can move Comrie soon(fair trade permitting).

P.S. If Semenov does not play the next game that's pretty much a guarantee he's getting traded right?
P.P.S. Zidlicky got 1 goal tonight and 1 assist the game before this guy will be costing us more by the second if we don't make a move for him,just two games but I did not think he would be that good.

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