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Originally Posted by Ducati1098VII View Post
So I can balance and move on ice but cant stop and so forth. I do receive pain on the bottom of my feet ( I am not a flat-foot) and its very unbearable. Now since i'm learning I would accustom it to it being just my muscles not being very used to balancing on a small point.

My question is, if it is the muscles how long would that last? I mean i go skating every once in a while, and it always happens. One day I had it not happen but the next time i went out on the ice bam again.

What could the cause be, and what methods should i try to fix this problem. All advice will be taken.

Should I try and get on the ice multiple times a week see if it lightens, should I go thorugh the pain one time see if it gets easier.

Could it be my skates just not fitting me well (Vapor X:20) if its skates the problem is seeing which alternative there are because I mean really the pain happens on the ice.

Could it be my form, if so how do I fix it? Could it be that my muscles on the bottom of the foot just aren't used to balancing that is required with ice skates?

I have also tried yellow superfeet there was no difference. this has been a re-occurring issue for a few years, as I did go not as often back in the past?
Describe the fit of your skates:
1) When you put your foot in with the skate untied, how far are your toes from the ends of your skates?
2) How snug is the fit in general? Does your heel lift off the footbed at all when skating, even slightly?
3) Are there any pressure points? Do you feel like the skate is too tight at the balls of your feet?
4) Unlace the top 5 eyelets, pull the tongue way up, run a pencil/pen across the tops of the eyelets. Does it make contact at any point?

Answer these questions with as much detail as possible and I should be able to tell you whether your skates fit well or not.

As for other things:
1) Are you still using the Superfeet yellow insoles? These work great for me personally, but all feet are different, you could also look into Graf or Shockdoctor insloes, which seem to work better for some people
2) How tight do you tie your skates? A good way to relieve some pain can be to tie them only snug (not loose by any means, but not death grip tight) through most of the skate, then make it real tight for only the last 3ish eyelets. You can only do this with a skate that fits well though, otherwise it'll be too sloppy of a feel
3) Try to focus on keeping your feet relaxed while skating. If your feet are well supported with a proper fitting skate and a good footbed there's no reason for them to be all tensed up. Pay attention to what your feet are doing, you might be tensing them super tight, almost trying to curl them into a ball. Focus on not doing this

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