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03-03-2011, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by FanHabtic View Post
I'm interested to see a scenario where the NYR can find the cap-space to sign Richards (~7 million cap-hit) in the offseason and:

1. Hold onto Callahan / Dubinsky
2. Drury does not retire (because that's ridiculous for him to piss away millions)

A buddy of mine, who is a Rangers fan, says it can't be done unless Richards is signed in the fall (after Redden's caphit is removed once again).
First off the Rangers can and will easily hold onto Callahan and Dubinsky and all their core RFA's. I honestly beleive drury will retire after this season. The guy has had MULTIPLE major surgeries in one year, and his play has significantly fallen. His knee seems to be completly dismantled and i dont believe he can come back and play at an exceptional level that even he would be happy with. I think he retires and we lose his salary on the books, but if he doesnt its only 1 more year.

Redden on the other hand, has stated several times that he doesnt want to play in the ahl anymore. He wants to ressurect his career. He will NOT get that chance with the rangers, and has stated he wouldnt mind leaving the contract and going over seas to europe or trying out for another team. I think after this season his caphit will be gone.

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