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07-26-2005, 12:28 AM
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I'm just looking forward to next week when we see reality set in on the so called "free agent frenzy". Right now seemingly every UFA is rumored to go to Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Philly, Chicago, Phoenix, Vancouver and Detroit and somehow Colorado plans on bringing back their entire 03-04 roster.

Either we see the shocking trend of many top flight UFA's taking discounts to go to these teams and the pickings for Nashville are slim, or the media is just punch drunk and lazily putting every star in the original 6 (+ the rich and warm-weathered) without thinking of the cap/roster/chemisty ramifications.

With the former, I'd rather see us take our typical hungry underdog-styled guy that will fit the system despite no name recognition to the casual fan over an aging name that might turn a couple of heads for a few minutes. With the latter, we'll have better options than a Turgeon type of guy.

We might not make it far in the playoffs with a number 2 center (legwand), two #3's and a #4, but the right mix in a trotz system can keep us in the hunt and the options might be much better at the trade deadline to make a deal that puts us over the top.

Of course, perfect world would be a marketable name at a need position that can still play at a high level. to poile if that happens.

Anyway, this week is killing me. #18 pick, so the draft kind of sucks until it plays out to your pick. We're not buying anyone out and we're not on any realistic rumor radar so it seems no action until next Monday.

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