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10-11-2003, 10:07 PM
Larry Melnyk
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What surprises me is people seeing this as a surprise...LIndros is done,as a significant player, the 2nd line is horrible, there are no LWS, the team can't and won't play smart, the team can't and won't play defense, the defense is horrible and inconsistent, the 1st line is 1-dimensional, the golatending is unproven, and it'a already apparent that Sathers solution is to play Messier more....ANd now everybody, including Brooks, is adding the "they're slow"...

He's right..But that can easily be cured and at the same time help the team in other places....This team needs a healthy dose of youthful energy and enthusiasm on a steady basis..Add Keefe, Tjutin, Scott or Maybe Moore to the line-up, and do it now..It doesn't have to be all 4 every night---not that I would..And play them...Yes, these guys will make mistakes but they will learn and improve, and their energy can feed the other players...OTOH, I realize it is propbably best that htese guys remain as far away from the Ranger cesspool and Sather as possible, but this season needs's either that or the Life-force and minutes sucker Messier getting 20 mins a night (And I know he's been the least of the probs the past two nights)..

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