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03-03-2011, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by wb1985 View Post
We have been rather atrocious since that trade. If I did the math correctly our record has been 8-14-1 since that day which would have made our record 25-15-3 before Jan 10 2011. Its hard to lay the blame on that trade, or losing Rozy or bringing in Wolski. This team was real good up til the end of December. Thats when the wheels seemingly fell off and if they don't find their bearings soon, its gonna officially be a streak of 2 years out of the playoffs
I appreciate finding the exact record, or what is close to it.

We had a weird balance that seemed to work. Personally I think it's because Rozy is a much better passer than anything we have on the back end. Sometimes you can't have a bunch of north/south guys like we have no, you have to have some players who are different. Rozy pissed people off, but he was our best passer out of the back end. Rozy just had offensive hockey sense.

And I love Staal, actually think he's a top 3 purely defensive player, but his passing and his overall offensive ability is HORRIBLE. His passing and accepting of passing is just painful. And we've wasted so many powerplays watching him be the first pass up ice. It either turns into a grenade for the guy receiving the pass, or just flat out misses him.

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