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Originally Posted by The Goalie Mask View Post
Actually when Poulliot was in Hamilton they played him at center and he quickly adjusted and played fantastic at center. He made the average winger around him better. So I think to say that he's better as a winger in the NHL without seeing him play as center is a little premature. He asn't never played the center position in the NHL. The management team was so eager to try and convert a big player to wing that he was never given a chance to see what he can do as a center. So without trying him we cannot compare which position he would be better at in the NHL. We do know that his developement playing the wing as been very slow and it has effected hist confidence...justly so.

Management tried to do the same thing with Eller but it seems that they are learning from their past mistakes. They are now letting him play center before they damage his confidence. He is playing much better as a center than a winger. I truely feel that the same thing would happen with Poulliot.

Lebanc is again another story. I'm sure his confidence is playing center. Afterall, playing center is what has made him successful up to this point. At the worlds they did use him on the wing but he didn't dominate at that position. He played well as a supporting player.

AK as been been playing very well with Eller at center. I think we might have a good pairing. I think I wouldn't be so quick to trade AK as long as they keep him with Eller or Pleks.

Gomez is deffinataly a problem in our line up. He has played with every winger and still hasn't been able to produce. As a matter of fact, the hot wingers that were pulled off their good lines, went cold when playing with him. I'm sure Gomez is well liked on the team but he is deffinately holding us back from moving to the next level.
It's a tough delima with what to do with him because of his crazy contract.
he was in Hamilton for 3 GAMES! sure he made others around better, he's a NHLER...

wrong, he did with the Wild...

how do you know that ?????

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