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03-04-2011, 12:24 AM
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Mid kick sticks (like the totalone) are supposedly better for slappers, while low kick sticks (like the x60) are supposedly better for wristers, but mostly it's all personal preference. I personally prefer mid kick sticks for all shots, I just like the feel of the flex (if that makes sense). If you like to really feel the flex in the shaft when you shoot, with that slight lag as it loads up, then a mid kick is for you, but if you want a smaller but quicker load and kick than a low kick is a better choice. The totalone is a phenomenal stick, I doubt you'll see much of an improvement in your wrist shot with an x60. Most people seem to slightly prefer the totalone to the x60 in general, I really think a lot of the whole "totalone is for the power player, x60 is for the sniper/dangler" stuff is just marketing BS by Bauer.

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