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Originally Posted by Stanello View Post
Hi all I just started playing hockey last October and I'm at the point now where I'm playing around with trying different patterns, lies etc.

I'm 5'3, and a stocky 125lbs. I've been using a junior warrior stick for the last couple months and I really like the length and lie. Its a 50 Flex and lie of 4. I tried an intermediate stick just shooting around and I could shoot quite a bit harder with it... but it's too long for my liking. Going by the little flex marks on the stick if I cut it down to the size of my junior stick it would be something like a 95 flex. Thus my predicament.

I've been searching around online for a stick that would be around a 70-80 flex while having a length of ~49in... and a lie 4, but I haven't found anything.

Does anyone know of stiffer flex junior sticks/shafts (actually prefer the thinner junior shafts) or really low flex intermediate shafts that I can cut down to 49in and not have a really stiff flex? Thanks!
Was the intermediate you looked at originally 65 flex? I know the RBK 8K I had was labeled 65 flex, but that was only after you cut a few inches off so I'm not sure why it wasn't labeled in the low 60s to begin with at 58". Not sure what that would be when you cut it down.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to recall people talking about how warrior lies are actually one lie higher than stated. Your lie 4 is actually a lie 5 (Do I have this right?). The lies are never exact on the sticks and I know some companies measuring sticks differ from others. If this is true, maybe it will widen your search a bit. I've seen some intermediates with 60 flex at the LHS but I can't recall which brand.

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