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03-04-2011, 01:32 AM
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Evening Preds' fans. Just going to post my comments from the Canucks game thread board because I'm incensed by the inanity of the comments from a large number of Canucks posters, directed at your team, City and fans.

Congrats on your win this evening, and hope to see your team continue to succeed now and in the future.

This thread is an embarrassment to Canuck fans.

The Canucks don't put in the effort required to beat a trapping road team and suddenly Nashville fans are trolls and idiots? It's Canuck fans that are behaving like Trolls and morons.

This is exactly the kind of crap I deplore about the Oilers boards and their fans, and now a vast majority of the posts here are nothing but babies whining because our team lost.

It's pathetic and every one of you who've taunted Preds fans should be ashamed. Seriously. Grow the heck up.

Boston plays the very same game, and if Canuck fans want to complain, then they should be directing that towards their own team.... There is no difference between what the Bruins do and what Nashville does. Same style of game, and it takes a real focus and tenacity to overcome it, and thanks to Gillis we don't have to watch every game of the season played like that. We are so luck this season to be watching some of the best hockey this organization has ever played, but Samuelson wasn't lying when he said every game isn't going to be a beauty.

It sucks, but it's a fact. Sure I feel sorry for the fans who paid top dollar to watch a snooze fest, but you're kidding yourself if you think watching the 90's Avs come in and spank the team 8-2 would somehow be preferable.

Canucks coulda, shoulda, woulda but didn't. I suspect this road trip is going to go a long way to helping them get some focus, because expecting Bieksa or Edler to step in and make the difference is a pipe dream.

The team isn't winning because they're not playing like a team for huge stretches of time, and once they commit to the game once again, it won't matter a whole lot if they're missing a player or two. However, if they continue to half ass their games, then we should expect a lot more of these boring games, because pretty much the majority of the matchups coming down the pipe are teams that are using this style.

Have some respect for the game and quit acting like you're something special, and have some freaking humility.

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