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03-04-2011, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Fred Glover View Post

I ask a simple question, and I get a thread on Murphy?

Guys and gals, this is enough to give me a
Let me try to rephrase the question: We got Umberger with the 19th pick so what defenseman might we get with a mid first round pick, and if we have to package it with a player, then fine. But tell me, what or who might we fetch in a trade. I want a name or two.
Hmmmm, you got to find the teams that are 1) rebuilding and/or 2) cutting salary. I usually rely on the media to put the smoke up there before I go searching for the fires, but just doing a VERY cursory perusing hockeybuzz's cap central, I'd make some calls to these teams in the offseason:

Pittsburgh (not rebuilding, but a lot of UFA Fs with a lot of money already committed to D next year). I'd love to get Letang, but can't see the Pens moving him.

Caps are in a similar boat. Maybe get Wideman in the offseason (though considering he just went for an ECHLer and 3rd, I'm not sure we'd have to burn the 1st).

Philly. (a lot of payroll committed next year, but not a lot of holes) Here's an old rumored target -- Matt Carle?)

Jersey looks to be over a barrel money-wise and still needs to sign Parise, but not much is tied up in their D and frankly, none of the names really interest me.

Stamkos is due a raise which maybe could squeeze Tampa. It wouldn't be a CBJ offseason if I didn't type the name Pavel Kubina.

Both Whitney and Gilbert were rumored trade pieces for the Oilers during the season. Would EDM move them in the offseason?

Not sure if it would necessarily take a 1st rounder to get all of these guys (Letang, yes, at least. Gilbert, probably not). But there are some names that jumped out to me.

Of course, if we're talking dmen, I'd rather just sign Ehrhoff.
Or throw a big-ol RFA deal at Shea Weber....

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