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03-04-2011, 08:23 AM
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Is it REALLY just the scoring??????

OK, so when I mentioned about Lundqvist being a big part of their problem, just about everyone on here and their mother jumped all over me. "They never score....they make bad goalies look good." Then, I noticed the Rangers have scored 8 more goals than the Capitals and only 10 less than the Penguins yet both of those teams were securely in a play-off spot.

I know the first rebuttal will be, "The totals might be similar but the Rangers total is skewed by games like the two Caps games where they scored 6 and 7 and the Oilers game where they scored 8."

The second comment would be, "They are more consistent game to game."

So, I went on to and did some research. Took about a minute and 45 seconds to tally it up.

Penguins have scored more than 5 goals in a game 5 times, been shutout 5 times and 9 times have scored only 1 goal.

Capitals have scored more than 5 goals in a game 6 times, been shutout 8 times, and scored only 1 goal 9 times.

Rangers have scored more than 5 goals in a game 7 times, been shutout only 4, and scored only 1 goal 12 times.

So, the rangers have scored less than 2 goals 16 times, the penguins 14, and the caps 17. Seems like the Pens and Caps have the same struggles scoring goals, yet they are ahead in the standings.

So, then someone on another site stated, "well, you should check out when they scored 2 or less, bet that would tell a different story." So, I checked that out. That I will admit took about 3 1/2 minutes to compile.

In games where they have scored 2 goals or less:

Rangers are 9-23-1 19 points 33 games.

Penguins are 6-16-7 19 points 29 games (same points, 4 less games.

Caps are 5-21-8, 18 points 34 games 1 less point, 1 MORE game.

So, to paraphrase, the Penguins have 29 games of 2 goals or less, the Rangers 33, and the Caps 34. Penguins have earned the same amount of points in those games, the Caps only one less.

Come on now, try to rebutt these facts. Oh and let me remind you, Pens and Caps are securely in play-off spots. Likely to play each other in the first round.

But, it is the scorers right? So I have shown how these two teams have similar goal totals, have the same big goal games to skew their totals, and the same low-goal outputs to demonstrate inconsistency amongst their scoring, yet let me remind you, their fans are not wondering if they will be playing in the play-offs.

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