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03-04-2011, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by redwhiteandblue View Post
Did not see one of your defensemen cough it up tonight. I guess I should have said Vancouver has a "plethora" of talent.
I agree that Suter and Weber are two of the best D in the league, even individually. Each brings something different. Pekka is a favourite as well.
My point was, when watching other teams, and I watch a lot of hockey, it is so much more exciting because other teams make creative skilled plays constantly throughout the game. Are the Preds capable, but the D system doesn't allow for it? Do they have te skill to make those plays? I have seen it out of SK, Erat, Wilson, and Sullivan at times.
Your team plays more of a dump and chase game, puck possession is minimal compared to other skilled teams.
Did you hear the Vancouver announcers ask, "Name me 3 players on the Preds that would crack our top 9 forwards". These are the reasons I made those statement.
Vancouver is talented, no doubt. I do have a problem with the top 9 comment. Beyond the Sedins, Burrows and Kesler, who is really that talented? Burrows benefits from playing with the Sedins. Samuelsson? Raymond? Torres? These guys are much like guys we have in Legwand, Erat, SK and a few others. The top end talent on the forward side of things you guys certainly have but the drop off from the twins and Kesler to everyone else is relatively significant. They open up the game for the rest of the team.

As far as your blue line goes, I'll take ours any day of the week over yours. You guys have some good talent but not upper echelon talent like we do. Goalie is a wash between Rinne and Luongo.

We do not play a creative offensive style which leads to low scoring events for us for the most part. Is it the system or the players? That's been a huge debate for us here in Preds land for quite some time.

Anyways, good luck to you guys the rest of the year.

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