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03-04-2011, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
100% wrong, reality but I am the one with my nose in the air?

Haha, did the Rangers outchance the Wild last night? Wild had 3 good scoring opportunities and they all went in. Rangers had several and Theodore was up to the task. Everything you mentioned is part of the game. My point was I say how Lundqvist is part of the problem and people excuse his flaws by saying they don't score enough and how if he was on a better team it would show how good he really is. Well, I took 2 better teams that happen to have similar goal totals and broke down their goal production. Similar to the Rangers in inconsistency, yet like I said they have no doubt they'll be in the play-offs. Why isn't the same inconsistencies with scoring goals cause such a problem for the Caps and Penguins when it comes to the standings?

"100% wrong" LMFAO!!!!!

Oh, and yes, we had more quality chances. That was the point. How many went in? How many missed the net entirely? Hey, hockey guru, tell me if it matters if you miss a wide open net and then have the puck fly around the boards to the opposing team, who then gets their own breakaway and actually HITS the net; as in the back of it. Doesn't make a difference?

The defense in front of the Caps' and Penguins' nets, irrelevant? What about special teams... They don't exist in your world either right? Missed calls, ghost calls, they all just never happen? Hey, what kind of goals were scored against the Caps, the Penguins? How many deflections? How many two on ones? How many breakaways? How many from a wide open player in prime territory? Oh, you don't know? Oh, that's right... All it takes is taking 3 1/2 minutes online comparing goal totals. The rest doesn't matter. I forgot.

Your theory holds no water and is completely dismissible. You may commence embarrassing yourself now.

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