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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
100% wrong, reality but I am the one with my nose in the air?

Haha, did the Rangers outchance the Wild last night? Wild had 3 good scoring opportunities and they all went in. Rangers had several and Theodore was up to the task. Everything you mentioned is part of the game. My point was I say how Lundqvist is part of the problem and people excuse his flaws by saying they don't score enough and how if he was on a better team it would show how good he really is. Well, I took 2 better teams that happen to have similar goal totals and broke down their goal production. Similar to the Rangers in inconsistency, yet like I said they have no doubt they'll be in the play-offs. Why isn't the same inconsistencies with scoring goals cause such a problem for the Caps and Penguins when it comes to the standings?
You actually make very compelling argument. I consider myself an advocate of Henrik and you had me wondering if maybe he has been slacking... But then I went to the statistics and Hank has almost identical save percentage at .920 ( varlamov .923, fleury .917) and GAA at 2.36 ( fleury 2.37) varlamov is a lot better at 2.27 which made me wonder... But varlamov has only played half the games Henrik has and had only seen less than half as many shots as henrik has. Yet henrik still leads the league in shutouts... Hank has seen as many shots this season as varlamov has seen in his career. Varlamovs career GAA is 2.41... So as your argument was an eye opener and made me question henriks status as an elite goaltender his stats don't prove him playing poor as you claim. Maybe we can use all of this together and agree our defense may be the issue

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