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03-04-2011, 09:40 AM
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Never said they don't miss open nets, how many times did Theodore outright rob a goal from the Rangers last night? Several. How many times was the building ready to explode but Theodore denied it? A bunch. How many times did Lundqvist do the same, maybe once at the end of the first period. When Minnesota needed Theodore to come up huge, he did. When the Rangers needed Lundqvist, he failed. He face 4 tough shots all night, and 3 went in.

Yet, people want to claim scoring scoring scoring. Can't give the other goalie credit for bailing out his team, must be because our forwards are terrible and can't finish. Other goalie can't come up big.

deflections? You want to bring those up? really? Hank hardly ever makes saves on deflections. When the other team scores a deflected goal people want to blame the defensman. Went the opposing goalie makes the save on the deflected goal, people can't give the goalie credit. Of course, the few times when Hank does get lucky and get hit by a deflection Rangers fans go nuts and act like the man walks on water.

Twist things how you want. Point is Penguins and Caps are struggling with scoring consistently from game to game and they are going to be (most likely) the 4th and 5th seeds.

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