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03-04-2011, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by bburton86 View Post
Hmm Had not thought about this. Seems plausible, though.

Transportation-wise, I was thinking you must have to wrap it in like cellophane and newspaper and slide it in your pants waist. But what do I know.

edit: Do you think it is a tradition best saved for only the Wings? Only home playoff games against the Wings? Haven't they thrown octopuses (sp?) here? How are they able to get away with that? I feel like someone would get beaten and dragged away to the depths of Joe Louis Arena and never heard from again if someone threw a catfish up there.
Dude. Throwing a catfish onto the ice at the Joe would be EPIC. Whoever had the guts/awesomeness to do that would be a true patriot! Ha!

I feel that there are lots of appropriate times during a game to throw a catfish on the ice, not necessarily just beforehand. I mean really, what stoppage is a BAD time for a catfish?!

I dunno if I've ever seen one against any other team but the Wings...although I do think anytime during the playoffs would be appropriate. It is a little funnier against the Wings though, hahaha.

Are you planning on launching a catfish soon?! Because it's been TOO long since we've seen one! I applaud you!

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