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07-26-2005, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Jame
this i didn't know and doesn't make sense...

Think about this.

imgine Phily, having about 3 million vs the cap left for this year. They want to sign Forsburg. Using the average system you can forget it. They can't offer him 5 years $35 million with $5 million signing bonus and another $5 million bonus coming next year, paying him $2 million in salary each year.

This will be an element that will really help the smaller market clubs, because the bigger clubs will likely get too close to the cap to make big signings late. It will make GM's really have to be careful about how tight they get themselves to the cap because they will have limited flexibility.

Plus the league wanted to avoid the NFL stuff, where contracts are massively backloaded. Since all NHL deals are 100% guaranteed there's no reason for signing bonuses, and other type of bonus money that could be used to find away around the cap. And you know someone would use these to get around the cap. Now you just take the total value of the deal and divide it by the length and that's your cap figure for that player.

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