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03-04-2011, 12:08 PM
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I call what the OP has 'Sam and Joe syndrome.' They always try to make it sound like the Rangers get a ton of good chances and that every single game the opposing goalie is incredible.

At least most people here are sane and saw that Theodore only stopped Cally because Cally gave him the opportunity by not lifting the puck even 2 inches. Not the casual fan mentality that all chances are equal, "Theodore made the saves and Lundqvist didn't so hank was outplayed."

I never understand this stupid outplayed thing either. You never hear somebody say, "Boy, Gilroy really outplayed Clayton Stoner last night." So why do people do it for goalies? They faced different chances and different players with different skill, believe it or not, Brent Burns and P.M Bouchard would probably both be our most skilled players right now. Also, Other teams know how to SCREEN THE GOALIE. Something our guys almost never do. Most of the shots Theodore faced were bad angle with nobody near the front of the goal. He gave up some rebounds with the puck laying in the crease and what do ya know, our guys were no where near the crease.

Another thing, your stats are flawed because we WERE scoring goals the first half of the season. That's when the team was winning games and Hank had something like 25 games of .935 sv% and 2.00 GAA.

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