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03-04-2011, 12:10 PM
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... The Kings did what they had to do. Bernier got a lot of help from the defense, but he did what he had to do, also.

I actually want the Kings to go back to Quick for the next game. He's still the number one, but it's getting closer and closer to the 1A/1B I wanted to see at the beginning of the season. Maybe they should alternate the rest of the way? They both need to be sharp, and the competition should only be good for both of them. Both guys are young, they're hungry, and they should thrive on the challenge.

I wasn't happy to see Simmonds pulled off of the top line. Might as well not even start him there if he's not even going to get a full game to gel with his linemates. It's also stupid to pull Williams off of the line where he's thrived all season long. Williams is having the best season he's had in five years because of the chemistry of that line - I have no idea why Murray can't or won't see that, but he certainly doesn't appreciate that. Very frustrating.

Originally Posted by Pucknut50 View Post
Glad the Kings won but people that was as boring as Hockey gets. If we lose 1-0 people would be all over how dull a game it was. But we win we praise Bernier and Penner who really did nothing.
... I'm not gonna go into this too much, but if you thought last night's game was boring, I'd suggest changing your view on the game or turning it off the rest of the way, because this is how it's going to be.

The Kings are a defense-first team, even more so than last season because they're not scoring as much as they did a year ago. This is how they're going to have to win games - with positioning, getting possession of the puck and breaking out of their zone properly no matter how long it takes to do so, blocking shots, clogging up the middle and keeping attackers to the outside, making liberal use of their F3 forward, etc etc. The Kings aren't going to win by making the game a track meet. They don't have the personnel to do that. Last night's game is likely going to be the model that Murray will use for the rest of the season in practices and video.

Penner didn't do "nothing", he used his size to screen off the goalie on the game winner, and that was the most critical play of the game. Bernier was the beneficiary of great defense, but he did make a couple of good saves to keep Phoenix off the board. There were a lot of good, subtle plays made last night that made the difference as well. It was a very impressive and intelligent performance, and a team effort.

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... Thank you for my new avatar these two guys are the true underdogs on this team. Under-appreciated, under-utilized, underrated. I naturally get drawn to players like that, and that's part of why they're my favorite players on the team.

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