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Originally Posted by Blue Line Monster View Post

I don't really understand what argument you're trying to make in general here. The team is one of the best in GAA but has been one of the worst in scoring goals. Hank has some of the best and most consistent numbers since the lockout, while being on mostly bad teams. He's probably stolen the most games of any goalie for his team in that time. Obviously there's no concrete stat here but the Sabremetrics-like article about him facing and stopping the hardest chances of any goalie seems to back this up.

In the recent player voting , he was voted by the players to be the 4th hardest goalie in the league to score on.

My point here, he's not the problem. I know in your last thread, you tried to use Tort's comments when Hank was slumping as some kind of proof he's not a good goaltender. Did you hear Tort's post game last night? The problem is scoring. Torts even acknowledged that the team puts Hank in a bad spot where he cant ever make a mistake or the team loses.

Again, for your stats I don't know why you'd use total goals for. Why don't you calculate the last 20 or so games and compare it to other teams. Pretty much 2 or less goals every game.
The point is, people on here especially want to blame it all on a lack of goal scoring. I point out that two teams who are ahead of us are having the same problems with consistent goal scoring, yet they are able to overcome it and are legit contenders to come out of the East.

If you want to talk last 20 games, let's look at the Devils. They have scored 21 goals in their last 10 games, and have won 9 of those games. Point is, even with inconsistent scoring, you can still win games ala the Pens and Caps.

First two seasons in the league he was stealing games left and right. Not so much this year or since. Even last season, they didn't win one single game after Jan 1st when they scored 2 goals or less. The ONLY team in the top-9 in the east to do so. Even the Caps won 2 games and had a SO/OT loss when scoring 2 or less. With the exception of the Caps, they had the fewest points in that scenarion amongst the top-9 as they did have a bunch of SO/OT losses. Even the hot streak at the end last year, they scored 4+ in every win. Not once did he steal them points down the stretch that would have gotten them into the play-offs.

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