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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
Thats a fair assessment, and no one was expecting Tortorella to win the Stanley Cup this year, but making the Playoff in Hockey is NOT a terribly hard thing to do. More than Half the freaking league makes the playoffs. You essentially need to be average to get in, barely even good.
If people think this team is a Brad Richards away from winning the Cup, but isn't even a playoff team without him, then you must be crazy..
problem with this thinking is the point that people saying this are also saying that not only will BR join but experience will improve the whole team as well. The year after that it will be much improved again and by that time guys like Grachev, kreider, hagelin, Werek, Thomas have an opportunity to join the club and add to it as well. And unlike Dubs, AA, Cally, Step, Staal, hank who had to set the table as Jagr and the rest left those 2-5 will just walk up toa table that is already set. So all the rooks and soph's learning right now this year will be growing into and maxing out their games while guys like Dubs, Cally, Staal, will be at their peak. Hank, gabs and BR if we sign him will hopefully still contribute. Huge huge difference and it's not that hard to understand why people are excited.

It is also easy to see why people are hesitant especially since the guys failed to carry the scoring load this year but keep in mind rook's and soph's are not expected to. The Dubs and Cally's aren't 1st liners either. The one guy expected to score failed miserably hence why our season is spiraling out of control. Next year will be very interesting and it will be dissapointing if no PO's are there. All the soph's and 3rd year guys along with Dubs, Cally, Staal, hank should be enough to make it next year

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