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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Boyes got traded to Buffalo, not Boston. Penner a much better player than Boyes?..How so? Because he's bigger? Fail to see how this makes him a much better player, if at all. Is it because he averages more points? Nope, Boyes averages 10more pts per season than him. Is it because Penner is faster?..Nope. Better passer and stickhandler?..Nope. Is it because Penner is better at ES?..Not really, they're just about the same. Ya, Penner might have a better shot percentage, and hit a little bit more given his size (still disappointing that he has less hits than Gionta), but again, I fail how this makes him a much better player than Boyes.

Ya, Buffalo certainly underpaid for Boyes. Giving up a first round prospect + 1st round pick for Penner though is overpayment.
Versteeg is having a similar season to Penner, he cost the Flyers a 1st (29th or 30th) + 3rd. Still, many felt it was a bit of a steep price. He's signed for another year at a more reasonable price than Penner (3.08 vs 4.25).

As I said, giving up Tinordi+1st for Penner is too expensive for my taste. Penner is a good player, he fills a void, but he's not worth that much. We overpaid for players more often than not via the trade market, I'm glad we didn't do it again this time.
Kaberle got the Leafs a similar value return and he's a lot more valuable than Penner imo.
If they were sending us their 2nd round pick, then yea, I probably would have thought a lot more about it. If it's Tinordi or our first for Penner straight up, then perhaps. But not if it's both.

How exactly do you know if Penner is a better player than the pick??
Do you know who that pick is?..Do you know if we'll even have that pick for sure by the selection time?..How exactly do you know any of this?? Crystal Ball?

With Markov-PK-Gorges, Hammer (or maybe Gorges) is our #4 Dman. If Tinordi is a #4 Dman then I'm all happy.
Tinordi, outside Emelin maybe, is our best defensive prospect. Weber and PK are in the NHL. I don't have big hopes for Carle. Emelin is an enigma. Nash and Bennett could become interesting players but they're not rated any higher than Tinordi.

Even if you think he is easily replaceable, he's still a high value prospect. This + 1st is an overpayment for an inconsistent player that's bigger than AK but hits less.

Yea, he doesn't have any offense. Does that surprise you? Because he was drafted for his defensive and physical abilities, not the offense. Comparing him to Hal Gill really?..I have a hard time believing you've watched him play or read up much on him if that's the best comparison you can come up with.

Why would St-Louis give Buffalo a 40G scorer for just a 2nd rounder?

Tinordi+1st is an overpayment for Penner.
I don't know for sure the pick will be a less talented player than Penner or less productive, it's called probability. It's highly probable that the pick never turns out as good as Penner. Sure there's some risk involved, but getting a 30g scorer offsets the risk. Tinordi was a meh pick from the day he was selected imo. 30 g scoring 240lb wingers are much more difficult to find than 4-6 dman.

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