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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Your argument is stupid and has no legs.

How's that for respectful debate?

So you see no problem from 2 $7m players missing significant time and not playing all that well when they are actually in the lineup. You are getting about 40 pts this season, maybe, from $14m in cap hit. How is that Tortorella's fault?

If we were getting just a smidgen of production from guys like this right now, we wouldn't be losing every game by 1 goal. So sorry to ruin you blame game. Hockey has nothing to do with talent or skill level, all you have to do is order the pieces around the right way and everything will work out the way you want it... Why, it's just like picking up a game controller and turning Ortmeyer into a 40 goal scorer. Easy.

Spare me the holier than thou crap. If it hurts your feelings when someone disagrees with you it's not my problem. You argument has no legs. You did nothing to prove otherwise.

Who the hell gives two craps about cap hits with what we're talking about? Drury and Frolov provided NOTHING for this team when they were playing.

Tell me that you disagree. Please do.

So how on earth does using them as a reason for why this team has struggled make any sense? It DOESN'T.

We were in a playoff position for the first 80% of the season WITH NO HELP FROM THOSE TWO AT ALL.

Losing them can't hurt you when they provided NOTHING at all when they were in the lineup.

Do you see how that works?

Funny you mention Jed Ortmeyer. Remember him? Wasn't he on that team was picked to finish 30th in the league and then went 44-26-12 and registered 100 points under our previous coach?

It's interesting when you see a coach get the most of his players, isn't it?

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