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10-11-2003, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby
I know this guy is young, but look at all the 18-20 year olds in the NHL this season. Why not give Tyutin a shot? He proved in the pre-season that he can handle himself. I really feel he can add something to the team. Worse case scenario - He is as bad as Dale and Bouchard and we send him back on the return of Leetch. Best case scenario - He emgerges as a top 4 defenseman for us on the blue-line and gives us a player that we know we can count on for years to come. I dont think the Rangers should send him back and forth, but I also don't think its a major problem if you send him back once or twice throughout the season. Maybe plugging Tyutin into the line-up can give the Rangers some type of spark. I know its only two games into the season, but the effort isnt there at all. If you plug Tyutin and maybe Keefe into the lineup you could possibly get some energy into this lifeless team. Tyutin has earned a shot on this team, if for no reason other then that he's already better then Dale, Bouchard, and probably Mironov, and he actually has potential upside.
Who would you play him with? Do you expect him to get 13-14 minutes a game (what the 3rd pair is getting) or 20 minutes a game. You ask me, you sit one of the M&M brothers (I really don't care which--start with Malakhov, I've been annoyed by him longer) and see if Tjutin can handle playing on the second pair. Or sit Poti and play Tjutin with de Vries--they looked good together in pre-season. The only problem with doing that is that it leaves Malakhov and Mironov in the lineup.

The biggest problem with the defense is that it's a bunch of players who are being asked to do too much. Poti and de Vries are not a top pair, but are being asked to play the role. Malakhov, Mironov, Kaspar, Purinton and Bouchard are all 5th, 6th and fill-in defensemen who shouldn't be playing more than 15 minutes a game. Even Leetch coming back will not solve the problem because there really isn't someone on the team who fits well with him and there will still be too many marginal defensemen playing too many minutes.

Ultimately, I don't think bringing Tjutin up will solve the problem. The solution as always lies within--meaning that the defensemen here are going to have to take a long look in the mirror, suck it up and remember what it means to be a NHL defensemen. Then go out and play like one.

Adding one player is not going to create a team.

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