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Originally Posted by Next Best Thing View Post
No to what, exactly?

And Komisarek looked VERY promising for about a season or two. What didn't help him was the fact that he treated the puck like a grenade every time it was on his stick - and that his development dropped to a standstill a couple of seasons into his career. What does this have to do with the way people were bashing Sather badly back in the day, but it looks more and more like McIlrath was a first rounder after all. Maybe not a #10 overall pick, but still. We picked up Tinordi much later, and they are practically the same player.

small edit: We've been lacking a Komisarek ever since he left, our blue-line never recovered that nastyness and intimidation he provided.
No to Tinordi having Pronger like upside. It is so unlikely to happen that it should never ever be mentioned. If Tinordi was having a monster year in the OHL, I'd possibly understand that kind of hype, but common...

But I agree that we've been missing a dman who can be physical.

And no, Komisarek was never ever going to be Scott Stevens for anyone who knew anything about hockey. That was just a massive false hype generated by over excited habs fans. A lot like saying Tinordi has potential to be the next Pronger, no offense.

Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I know. I'm not a big fan of dealing away the future all the time either, but picks and prospects are so over rated around here it's not funny. They have more value than proven players. Not everyone drafted in the first rd pans out. Sometimes taking a risk is necessary, when a 240 lb top 6 forward we really are lacking who can contribute 30goals a year is the player coming back I would be willing to take the risk on him.
I'd have done that deal (Tinordi+1st for Penner). Penner is slightly better than AK, and we could have kept AK too. That would have given us more punch up front. It would also have given us another big body up front which is always nice. At any rate, Penner is certainly a better scoring winger than Halpern. And we did have the cap room.

And let's not forget that Penner will be on a contract year next season. If Penner were actions and I was a broker, I'd invest in that company. You should prolly expect him to tear it up.


BTW, for those saying it's a choice between Penner and Wiz in 11-12, I disagree. It's more of a choice between AK and Penner. And we could trade AK for something and not lose him for nothing while retaining Penner at just a bit more than what AK is making. Or, we could let Wiz go and keep AK. Or heck, even find a way to unload Spacek's last year and keep Penner, AK and Wiz. But that wouldn't have stopped me from making the trade because you can always cross the bridge when you get to it (you can always find a solution).

And yes, 20ish+ 1st rounders and guys like Tinordi... they don't often become impact players, if they make it at all. Maybe he becomes the next Komisarek... which is alright, but not something I'd lose sleep over trading away for a need we have atm.

When you have a team that is a virtual lock to make the playoffs and you have Halpern playing on a top line and the chance to acquire a 20-30 goals winger who's 6'5 and is signed for his contract year after that... You can give up a 1st + an ok prospect.

BTW, those videos... if that's the best Tinordi has to offer.. wow am I ever underwhelmed... Hope there is a lot more to him than that.

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