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03-04-2011, 03:10 PM
Jules Winnfield
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Don't take it easy on them if they want to play in the better leagues. Once they don't start scoring they won't find fun in it. If you blow their head up of course they're going to think they belong.

There is a woman in one of my wife's leagues that is like this. She's a terrible skater and is big like an oaf. She acts like she's Crosby or Ovechkin out there. She has an ok shot but she's built like a 250 pound Moose on skates. She just goes to the slot or sits in front of the net and waits for pucks to come to her and scores. Because she does this, she thinks she's one of the best players in the league. It really has blown her head up to where she thinks she's a big shot and she's terrible.

Most of her team can't stand her but they don't want to tell her about it either.

I've seen the opposite happen too. There's a guy in one of my leagues that is young and an unbelievably talented player. He's got all the tools. Fast as hell. Insane acceleration. Wicked shot that can score all over the ice. Great playmaking skills. Awesome size. His skating is just off the charts though. He just dominates. He was the captain on a state championship team a few years ago and had offers to a few top colleges. He didn't feel like going to college or moving away from his small town so he teaches hockey instead and drives about 70 miles to the big city to do so. This kid should be a dominant player in college or playing in the ECHL/AHL at this point.

Instead of playing in competition that suits his skill set, he plays with us and makes us look ******** out there. He's like Jeremy Roenick from NHL 93' and we're a bunch of bums trying to stop him at will. I've yapped at his family about him doing something with his talents and they've said they told him the same thing but all he says is "I know I know." I wonder why he never took the jump up. I told him God gave him a talent and a chance at a free ride at some awesome hockey universities. He should've taken it.

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