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03-04-2011, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I don't think it's that surprising that we're in a playoff spot. For the first half of the season we were playing at or above reasonable expectations, while a whole slew of other teams in the East were absolutely atrocious. We were able to establish ourselves a decent cushion. Our current playoff position has just as much to do with the failures of the teams currently behind us as it does with what we did early on. IMO.

Been sayin that since December. When some were saying things like "we're in a comfortable playoff position, who could possibly catch us?"

Originally Posted by The Drago View Post
The players respond to Torts. They play hard for him and this is the first season in sometime that you can witness this team growing together. If we fire him now who knows how long it will take to get the team on the right track. We aren't playing terrible hockey, just cant find the back of the net. When you constantly out shoot your opponent and out work them it isnt the coaches fault. Everyone just calm down we'll be ok.
The Vets have not responded well to Torts at all this year.

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I think everyone agrees that it's ultimately Sather's fault. However, he's going nowhere, so the discussion shifts to, "What is wrong with the team, other than Sather?"

I have no axe to grind. And my issues with what Tortorella has done aren't limited to this injury-riddled season. I thought last year's team was eminently capable of making the playoffs. Without question. And we didn't. I'm still irritated by his behavior during our painful collapse against Washington the season prior. It's not as if I decided over the past 2 months that I hate Tortorella and he's an awful coach. I do not hate him, nor is he awful. Nor is this dissatisfaction limited to recent history.

I find many of his lineup decisions to be questionable, in terms of who plays and who sits. Gilroy/MDZ over Eminger has been the biggest head-scratcher for me of the past decade. The same can be said for his seemingly arbitrary in-game decisions as to who gets increased/decreased TOI. His job is to get the best out of the players on the team, and too often I think he fails to do so.

I'm not freaking out, either. I'm past that. But I am very disappointed. I look at our roster, with Gaborik and Drury providing nothing, and I still think we're capable of earning a playoff spot in the East. I felt the same way last season. And now, we're going to miss out for the second consecutive year. That's not acceptable. To me, anyway. And no, I'm not surprised. When we all predict a finish somewhere between 6 and 10, this season shouldn't be a surprise...but it is on the low end of expectations. For the second consecutive year.
Agreed, good stuff.

Also, the time and circumstance is never discussed. The failure of so many teams in the East opened doors for us. The only time I felt injury made us huge underdogs has been of late with Staal out. Staal and Gabby's injuries should scare all Ranger fans right now. Staal cause he's an impact Dman and Gabby cause we're likely to see seasons like this from here on out with his injury history and yet another Slats cap hit that will come in question.

But sleep well Glen Slats Sather, no one beats you, you'll always be the worst signing in Ranger history

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